Month: August 2010

El Niños Are Growing Stronger, NASA/NOAA Study Finds

From Science Daily News: Deviations from normal sea surface temperatures (left) and sea surface heights (right) at the peak of the 2009-2010 central Pacific El Niño, as measured by NOAA polar orbiting satellites and NASA’s Jason-1 spacecraft, respectively. The warmest temperatures and highest sea levels were located in the central equatorial Pacific. Image credit: (Credit:

Importante Science Daily News: Marine Phytoplankton Declining

Southern Right whale off the coast of Hermanus; South Africa. Phytoplankton forms the basis of the marine food chain and sustains diverse assemblages of species ranging from tiny zooplankton to large marine mammals, seabirds, fish and certain whales. (Credit: iStockphoto) ScienceDaily (July 28, 2010) — A new article published in the 29 July issue of

Super-Rare ‘Elkhorn’ Coral Found in Pacific

Source: Science Daily: The archetypal divergent branching pattern of the Pacific elkhorn closely resembles that of the Atlantic elkhorn coral — Acropora palmata. (Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr Maria Beger) ScienceDaily (July 29, 2010) — An Australian scientist has discovered what could be the world’s rarest coral in the remote North Pacific Ocean. The